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Massage Therapy Playlist

We have numerous relaxing massage therapy playlists to put you in the right mood for your mental and physical well-being. At Bliss Bodyworks in Lawrence Kansas, we put our clients first. Sometimes that means finding that right relaxing playlist to truly set your mind at ease.

a gilgit baltistan music instrument for your massage therapy platlist

We are updating our playlists here so that you can pick a genre or style type of playlist in advance to truly maximize your experience here at Bliss Bodyworks.

If you have a particular massage therapy playlist or type of music that you prefer, let us know when completing your first time intake form. We’d love to hear about it!

If you are new to massage or a massage therapy playlist, here are a few types of various music samples you can try:

The ideal massage experience is one that delivers relaxation via several sensory stimuli. The sense of touch is stimulated through circulatory massage and other techniques, while the sense of sight is stimulated by candles, which can be both visually stimulating and pleasant smelling. The sense of sound is also important, and the ideal massage experience will vary depending on the client’s preferences. Some clients may prefer complete silence, while others may prefer to listen to relaxing music. The right playlist can create a truly calming experience.

Join us in some sensory stimuli, mood awakening, relaxing massage!

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