At Bliss Bodyworks, we offer Complete Decongestive Therapy to our clients with Lymphedema. Our Certified Lymphedema Therapist will work with you and/or your medical provider in establishing a suitable plan for your care. We offer flexibility and are wheelchair accessible with our lymphedema services.

Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphedema may be managed using snug compression wraps or hosiery, while the advantages can be amplified through a manual lymphatic drainage massage. Whether from primary lymphedema or following a mastectomy, where breast tissue is removed to address or avert breast cancer, lymph drainage massage can assist in alleviating mild to moderate post-operative symptoms.


Lymphatic Massage

Experience a therapeutic 60 minute lymphatic drainage massage.
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Lymphedema services in Lawrence, Topeka, and Baldwin. Mobile service available by request and location. Please Click Here.

*If you don’t have Lymphedema, and would like a wellness lymphatic drainage massage, please Click Here

What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage involves the application of gentle, rhythmic strokes and light pressure on the skin, focusing on the direction of lymphatic flow. This helps stimulate the movement of lymph through the lymphatic vessels, encouraging the natural drainage process and promoting the removal of waste products and excess fluids from the body. The massage therapist may use their hands, fingers, or specialized tools to apply pressure and stimulate the lymphatic system.

It is essential to seek a qualified and experienced therapist trained in this medical massage techniques, as improper application can cause harm or be ineffective. A professional therapist will assess your individual needs and tailor the treatment to ensure the most effective and beneficial results.

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